Our CoRise office is located in midtown NYC, and as I was walking buy a BestBuy this morning I noticed a very long line.  I wondered if I’d missed some tech announcement, some release of a new product.  I knew it wasn’t the iPhone 5 or a new Kindle….maybe some Samsung phone?  I wasn’t sure.

So I immediately went to Twitter and searched for #BestBuy.  I didn’t even have to search for #BestBuyNYC of #BestBuyMidtown or any other combo.  The top Tweets were all about how Best Buy was having a signing today by Cher Lloyd (sad to say I dont know her).  However, I knew what was happening immediately.

In comparison, I went over to Google and searched for Best Buy – I saw what you’d expect: BestBuy.com, other store locators, other retailers, etc.  Then I went to Google News to refine my search on more timely topics.  All I saw were topics about former CEO Schulze trying to buy the company back. Google was completely unhelpful for real time news flow.

More importantly, it occurred to me that my behavior was changing.  I had known to search at Twitter for realt time information and assumed Google would be worthless.  The fact my behavior / intuition has already changed is a bad signal for Google.  They’ve already lost my mind share for real time news.  Inertia is a powerful force, and it’s very easy to merely repeat what your’e used to (ie only using Google for search).  The fact my inertia has shifted is not good for Google in the long run and they risk serious disruption.

It is more & more clear that Google should buy Twitter.  Not only would it augment search, but it would bolster Google’s social offering AND give Google more data (we all know how Google likes data)….

I’m at a loss why this hasnt happened already – the only thing I can think of is valuation disagreements.  BUT I think it’s inevitable…..

Bob Peck
President CoRise