We at CoRise are very happy to announce that our latest report on the convergence of Media and Finance is now available on our website.  The report is based on our conversations and observations across the finance and media ecosystems.  

Much has been said about disintermediation in markets, made possible by new technologies & more efficient systems. In the past, this has in actuality been an introduction of new intermediation forms, leading to more numerous & complex intermediation functions. The truer disintermediation has yet to take place, but, like its antecedents, this too will be a transference to intermediation of a new order: Networks & their ecosystem of services will be new intermediaries, augmenting roles previously
dominated by institutions.

We think new technologies, regulations, and data are enabling a host of new entrants into the finance vertical.  Each offers it’s own unique advantage or benefit.  New models, like Crowdfunding and private capital, are emerging from voids in the ecosystem.  Payment technologies are opening up opportunities that didn’t exist before.  Consumers are moving more closely to the merchant, disrupting previous intermediaries.  Alternative marketplaces and currencies are creating valuable trading systems. The exchange of information is shifting to the exchange of ideas.  

This all sets the stage for new capital flows and true disruption, predicated on a more efficient economic model and information flow.  As information & capital, investors & borrowers co-join, the new (dis)intermediary will likely become the network itself.  This will create opportunity and risk for incumbents in the system – the key will be careful assessment and navigation

Robert Peck, CFA
President, CoRise Co., LLC