This is a bit of a different kind of Thanksgiving day post.  While Im thankful for my family, friends and health, this post is about our industry.

Im thankful that we live in such exciting times.  Im thankful that disruption is occurring almost everywhere I look.  Im thankful that traditional industries have no choice but to react.  Im thankful that there are so many smart people I get to learn from in this industry.  Im thankful to be in NY, as the confluence of technology, financial, and media industries is unique here – Mayor Bloomberg appears committed to truly establish NYC as a tech center.  Im thankful that we are a Global Community – we can only learn more from the other 6.7b people on the planet.  Im thankful that costs have dropped so much, enabling startups to blossom almost overnight, pressuring incumbents to innovate.  Im thankful that the media industry is seeking to reach their consumers in new ways.  Im thankful that retailers have embraced new technology and try to compete more on service / experience rather than just price.  Im thankful that communications companies keep making my life easier to keep in touch with loved ones.  Im thankful that things keep getting smaller (nano etc).  Im thankful things keep getting bigger (TVs).  Im thankful that Wall Street’s pause, has brought fresh talent that may have never came, to our amazing industry.

It’s truly an amazing time / place / space  – Im lucky to be involved. Thx

Robert Peck, CFA
President CoRise Co.