Our team at CoRise, has come up with an interesting and differentiated view of the digital media landscape.  The slides are available in our Research Tab of the website.

I think we’ve come up with an interesting infograph that helps depict the shifting digital landscapes, as well as the encroachments by traditional industries that are trying to get into these digital areas.  We’ve broken the digital landscape into 4 concentrations, anchored by a key player: Social (Facebook), Information (Google), Transactional (Amazon), Entertainment (Apple).  The first few slides (#4-11) show how each of these concentrations are moving towards each other (i.e as Google becomes more Social with Google+, as Apple addresses information search with Siri, as Amazon progresses further into Entertainment and Information with Kindle and Silk respectively, etc) – this confluence is well underway yet far from over.

Next, we show in the proceeding slides (#13-16) that while we’ve represented each concentration with one anchor company, there are so many companies in each concentration jockeying for position – all of these companies must address the fusion that’s taking place with the other concentrations.  Lastly, in the next set of slides, we show how each concentration is being penetrated by various types of traditional industries, as these industries try to adapt from an analog world to digital.

What this culminates in is on slide #23 (pic shown below).  It is purposely, a very busy looking picture of the amazing confluence of all these industries and participants.  The key takeaway is, that with so much change taking place and so many industries & companies trying to adapt to the new world, there is a ton of opportunity.  Concisely, the Confluence creates Opportunity.  It’s this opportunity that is so excited for companies, entrepreneurs, and investors.  Our last slide shows how ultimately, it’s the Consumer that is at the center of so much change – whoever can address Her in the best way, can disrupt other companies and industries to seize on the opportunity.

This is why I joined my new firm, CoRise Co (www.CoRiseCo.com) – it is focused on helping companies navigate these changes and capitalize on the opportunities in front of them.  As the Chinese proverb says, “may you live in exciting times”.